At the airport


So, we successfully packed all of our bags to be just under the 50lb weight limit. We were seriously within 1.5 lbs on a couple bags. Had a nice lunch with the moms, sister and niece and now we sit and wait for our plane. Thanks again to everyone for all the nice calls, emails, hugs, etc. Hopefully, I have shed my tears at this point (every time someone called to say goodbye the waterworks would start). Anywho, tears are being replaced with excitement. It seems unreal that nearly 6 months ago we went to Amsterdam to meet the professor and check out the school, and now we are on our way! Woohoo!! So, you shall be hearing from us again soon. We are gonna miss you all but email, instant messenger, webcams and the occasional calls should help tide us over till December when we return over the break. Take care of yourselves and we’ll be talking with you. Click on picture to view gallery.

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