Monthly Archives: September 2007

New Photo Album

Sorry about the delay, but a photo album of our new & improved apartment is now available. It’s not quite complete, but you’ll get the idea. Only thing we haven’t posted pics of is the bedroom, but that’s coming soon. No, they won’t be dirty pics, though they will feature a water bed. That’s right, […]

Trivia Time #1

For the first Trivia Time post, I thought it’d be good to cover some basic information about the area where we live. Amstelveen (pronounced Am-stel-vein) is a suburb to the south of Amsterdam. It is the international headquarters for Team McLennan, as well as professional services firm KPMG and communications technology giant Cisco Systems. It’s […]

Introducing Trivia Time

In an on-going effort to share our experiences in The Netherlands & Europe, Team McLennan will periodically be posting trivia tidbits about the city where we live (Amstelveen), the city where Staci goes to school (Amsterdam) and the country where those cities can be found. That’s right, Team McLennan’s website is going to be educational […]

I Can Start Watching TV!

After 1 month in the new apartment, we finally have cable and an internet connection. This means no more trips to Brussels to get some work done, which is quite the stress relief for me. Having to travel just to get a stable internet connection isn’t exactly ideal. Now I only have to go to […]

Cable, Internet and Banking, Oh My!

This is part 3 of Team McLennan and the Journey to a New Land. If you’re just joining us, check out Part 1: This Isn’t Heaven, This Sucks and Part 2: Team McLennan Strikes Back. So at this point in the story, we’ve been in The Netherlands 5 days. In that time, we’ve moved into […]

Team McLennan Strikes Back

This is part 2 of Team McLennan and the Journey to a New Land. If you’re just joining us, check out Part 1: This Isn’t Heaven, This Sucks. So after we took ~30min to let the shock of the university-supplied apartment wear off, then we decided to try and find a new apartment. The 5 […]

This Isn't Heaven, This Sucks

So it’s been a while since Team McLennan last let the world know about their little adventure in Amsterdam. Well, I hope you’re comfortable, because this is going to be a long post. In fact, it’s going to be a few long posts. Today, we’ll start with a tour or the apartment the university assigned […]