New Photo Album

Sorry about the delay, but a photo album of our new & improved apartment is now available. It’s not quite complete, but you’ll get the idea. Only thing we haven’t posted pics of is the bedroom, but that’s coming soon. No, they won’t be dirty pics, though they will feature a water bed. That’s right, a water bed.


  1. wow.. jeff you are funny!! is it bad that your adventures amuse me?! not in a bitchy way but in a laugh out loud way at your humor through all this… good for you.. i would be drunk and locked up by now.. your place looks amazing.. everything happens for a reason..(no kidding uh?) never really understood that expression.. of course it does.. dah!! anyway, nice catching up.. keep your chins up.. see you at christmas.. love the k’s

  2. Chins? That’s kind of harsh. I’ve lost weight since I’ve been here. STOP JUDGING ME! 🙂

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