Monthly Archives: October 2007

Excursion to Volgermeer (part 2): a biking we will go

Well, now you know a little history about where we went on the excursion for school. Now for the details and a map to give you some perspective on just HOW MUCH PEOPLE BIKE HERE! If you read Jeff’s post about Amstelveen (the town we live in) you know we are about a 25-30 minute […]

Excursion to Volgermeer (part 1): a history lesson

So, for my second course in the ERM program, we did an excursion to a hazardous waste site north of Amsterdam that is currently being reclaimed. The site is called Volgermeerpolder. The city of Amsterdam began dumping waste here after the peat was harvested for burning at the turn of the century. Turns out household […]

Staci's impersonation of a Dutch girl on a bike

Well if you know anything about Amsterdam (or the Netherlands) it is probably that people love their bikes. In fact, bikes are everywhere! You should be more scared of bikes than cars when walking through the city. You might recall from a previous post by Jeff that I get to ride my bike to and […]

Lesson #2: wine and laptops don't mix

So, lesson #1 in Amsterdam was things here take time – develop patience or become a stress ball. Lesson #2: wine and laptops don’t mix. While I was living in our apartment sans TV and any decent radio stations I was using my laptop to play music. Curled up on the couch by the only […]