Monthly Archives: November 2007

Countdown to Holiday in Columbus – 22 days

Just a reminder that Clan McLennan* will be back in Columbus from December 21-January 3 to celebrate the holidays with family and friends. When I am not annoying my cats by hugging them incessantly, I (and yes, Jeff) will be available for social gatherings to catch up on what has been happening in your lives […]

Who's Ruby?

In keeping up with our jet-setting ways, Staci & I headed out of the country again to catch a concert the night before the Ohio State/Michigan game. Turns out Amsterdam (and The Netherlands) is a pretty boring place. Ok, not really, but you’d think so with how often we seem to be doing fun stuff […]

Updating photos

As usual I am behind with everything. I have started adding photos to some previous posts when I didn’t know how to upload pictures. Jeff tries to keep me ignorant so he can hold his computer genius over me, but I will no longer be oppressed. I am woman hear me ROAR! Ok, so maybe […]

Hey Kids, Look! Big Ben! Parliament!

The weekend of Nov 2-4, Jon, CJ, Staci & I went to London so I could get my passport stamped outside of the Schengen Zone so I could remain in The Netherlands (and the EU) as a legal visitor. I had to go outside of the EU because of the Schengen Agreement, which essentially removed […]

Pierogi making in Amsterdam: who would have thought it?

I know, I know, who would have thought I would need to travel all the way to Amsterdam to finally learn how to make pierogies from scratch!??! For those non-Polish people out there, pierogies are dough filled with potatoes, cheese, and onions (really any variety of fillings you could think of, but potato and cheese […]

I'm a Model of Consistency

Staci pointed out the other day that I hadn’t posted in a while, so what do I do? I wait to post even longer. Not on purpose, I just kept finding other things to do: work play tour guide to our first visitors, Andre and Amber stay up ridiculously late so I can watch the […]