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It Tastes Like Burning

If I don’t get it off my chest now, I’m afraid I may never have the chance. Here goes:

Trivia Time #2

I’ve been meaning to make these trivia posts more frequently, but I’m lazy and forgetful. (Did you notice I didn’t post at all in October? You should have. I mentioned it in November.) Anyways, for Trivia Time #2 we’re going to talk about fall weather, location and daylight. Fall Weather In the fall, it rains. […]

Ohio State vs That School Up North – 2007 Edition

One of the great things about being a Buckeye is that you get to yell O-H! just about anywhere in Columbus and someone will respond I-O! That doesn’t happen here in Amsterdam, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying the game (Staci would say I enjoyed it a little TOO much, but that’s not important […]