Monthly Archives: March 2008

MWF&M seek cooking advice

I realize most of you will be quite shocked to learn that we have actually started cooking here in Europe. Yep, the Queen and King of Take Out now use their kitchen for something other than clutter, take out cartons and cat food stations (but oh how I miss the kitties, sigh!). We cook at […]

Vacation on the coast of the North Sea

A coastal holiday. Ah, what a relaxing and European way to spend a weekend. Ok, so maybe we took this vacation all the way back in September. Figured it was about time I write about it. Albeit briefly, since I don’t remember a lot of names and details:-)

Snow! It is snowing in Amsterdam!

We experienced our first snow in Amsterdam. Sure, there was a heavy frost the day we left to come home for the holidays (but that wasn’t really snow). There has been the occasional hail/almost snow moments. But tonight, we had snow!!!