Vacation on the coast of the North Sea

Coastal HolidayA coastal holiday. Ah, what a relaxing and European way to spend a weekend. Ok, so maybe we took this vacation all the way back in September. Figured it was about time I write about it. Albeit briefly, since I don’t remember a lot of names and details:-)

While Mom McLennan was visiting, Christine organized a trip to the coast of South Holland to a little resort town called Citta Romana. This place reminded me of Smurf-land with its little mushroom shaped cottages intermixed with villas. It was quite quaint and made for a lovely, relaxing weekend.

On Saturday, we took a nice walk to see the North Sea. We then made our way to Hellevoetsluis – a nearby town that long ago was the naval port of the Admiralty of the Maas (Rotterdam) and could accommodate an entire fleet within a special land-enclosed fortress with harbour and dockyard facilities, accessible through a canal (thanks Wikipedia). This was a charming little town with a windmill, cafes, and the historical dockyard & museum.

Click on the picture above to see our cute cottage, walk to the sea, sheep, horses, and more sheep, windmills and more windmills, and pictures of generally old buildings:-) (Hey, I didn’t say this would be a quality post!).

Anywho, we had a lovely and peaceful weekend here with the family. A short trip on Sunday brought us to an old fort town that still had the canons and BastionII. We also found a very friendly kitty there – my first in the Netherlands! Yeah!

Later that day, as us ladies (and Marcus by default) were feeling stir crazy, we ventured out to dip our feet in the North Sea. And just happened to find a Poffertjes restaurant along the way. It was a Dutch miracle. Poffertjes are essentially mini-pancake like desserts with powered sugar and butter on top. YUMMY!!! Check out the pictures to see the iron stoves used to make these heavenly concoctions. Delicious!!

While this post may have lacked in educational or historical value, I do hope you at least enjoyed the pictures. And a shout out to Christine for making this trip happen!


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  1. Branka · ·

    Hello there!

    I don’t think that you and Jeff are ever coming back to the U.S.. wait until the election is over to decide ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thanks for theb lovely card. Just a few more weeks… I can’t believe it!! I am very very nervous. Wish us luck.. more me than Marko.

    Give Jeff a hello from the Spremo’s ๐Ÿ™‚

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