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Amsterdam has been doing its part to get me back in shape – I bike everywhere, but I was missing a really good sweat inducing workout. I mean there was a time when I ran a 5K no problem. Ran a number of them in fact. Even tossed in a 10K and a mini-triathlon at one point. Then I got lazy. Sedentary. I took to the couch. Therefore, when I decided to get moving again I turned to the “Couch to 5k!” program to make it happen. And I LOVE IT!!

So I thought I would share in case anyone else out there is looking for a little motivation in their life. Here is the link to the training program which is 9 weeks long ( It starts with intervals of walking and jogging, and gradually you increase your time till you are only running. I just completed week 6 and am back to running 25 minutes straight.

Following my ankle surgery last May, my running shoes were collecting dust (Ok, perhaps they were collecting dust before that too!). Anywho, this program is just what the doctor ordered as it has been pretty gentle on my ankle. Slowly working it back into this level of activity and impact.

Now my favorite part of this program is the PodRunner music I have downloaded for FREE. I love listening to different tunes each week. And a handy little tone between tracks signals when you need to transition between walking and running. LOVE IT!!

I recommend this for anyone interesting in running again, getting in a walk/power walk workout, try it on the elliptical machine…whatever gets ya moving. I find such joy in coming home and marking off my latest run on the program sheet I have on my refrigerator.

While I was quite ashamed to have stopped running over the last few years, I am feeling a great sense of accomplishment for getting back out on the road. Plus, I get to see new parts of Amstelveen on my runs. It’s been a great way to explore this town, reduce stress (have you read the recent posts?!?!), and get in shape again. All good things. So if you’ve been putting off digging out those running shoes and getting out the door, I recommend the Couch to 5K with the free PodRunner Intervals music. It is inspiring!!!

PodRunner Intervals –

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  1. Julie · ·

    Woo-hoo!!!!! So proud! Is there any techno on that PodRunner? Seems like the Euro thing to do.

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