Did I say China? I meant Cambodia.


Ah, so who thought doing field research for a masters thesis would be easy?!!? Well, it has been a lesson in patience and flexibility. As my previous posts foreshadowed, our trip to China was eventually canceled. More precisely, our supervisor pulled us from it when the project leads could not guarantee that we would in fact leave for China in late June. Two months of delays was our limit.

Fortunately, the consultant arranging our placement also has projects in Cambodia. Two other students from our program have been there since late April working on a forestry project. Now, Ianthe and I will go and focus on interviewing local communities about attitudes towards living with wildlife and conserving biodiversity. The project is NOT a carnivore reintroduction project, so much of the questionnaires we (mostly Ianthe) had prepared must now be revised for this new situation. Still, we are excited to have an opportunity to conduct field work.

We had hoped to leave June 20th, till we learned we needed yet another vaccination. This time for Japanese Encephalitis which requires 3 inoculations over 14 days. This was after visiting two clinics and learning NEITHER offered this vaccination so we now must go to Rotterdam (one hour train ride) for three shots. Sigh. We went this past Wednesday for shot 1 and did ok during the 30 minute observation period following the shot. Two more to go. Then we can hopefully leave June 26th.


It is anticipated we will stay in Cambodia for 6 weeks coming back around the 7th of August. We present our thesis and preliminary results on the 12th and then spend the next two weeks analyzing the data and writing our thesis to meet the August 31st deadline to graduate on time! No problem…haha!!

When I have more news about the project, area, etc. I shall let you know. And I will certainly try to post some pictures during my field research when I get the chance.

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  1. Wow! That’s intrepid. Cambodia!

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