So It's Been a While…

I don’t know what else to say. Let’s face it, most people who read this blog are here to read Staci’s words, not my random ramblings. At least that’s how I see it.

Anyways, we’ve (I’ve) moved out of the apartment in Amstelveen and am temporarily located in Belgium at Jon & CJ’s. I’ve got a room to myself, and only have to baby-sit Marcus for a couple days next week or the wk after. (I forget which.) It shouldn’t be too big of a deal, except I’ve never had to change diapers or feed the kid. Other than that, smooth sailing is expected. (Just kidding. I’m sure the pooping of diapers will send me into a panic. Good thing they’ve already hired their babysitter to cover during the day while I ‘work’, Jon is at work and CJ is in Singapore for work. Good thing they understand that ‘working from home’ isn’t (usually) a euphenism for ‘watching TV while co-worker’s 4500 miles away are productive.’

I move into the new place in the heart of Amsterdam August 3rd. Those of you that want the address (and that I haven’t emailed it to yet) can email us for it at your leisure. (This means that I may have forgotten people and emailing me reminds me that 1. people read this blog, and 2. I’m getting old and forgetting people.)

That should do it for now. If you’re thinking of us, we thank you, because we’re thinking of you. Hell, even if you’re not thinking of us, we’re still thinking about (and missing) all our friends back home, and are grateful for the love and support are friends and family have sent our way.

Ok, time for another late-night beer. I’ll get all the sleep I need when Staci comes back I get old the Rebels defeat the Empire CJ makes me take care of Marcus.


  1. barbie · ·

    I like to read what you put on the blog, Jeff! I think you are a very interesting person and a great writer. The two of you have a GREAT Blog TOGETHER. I read it to find out what the two of you are doing.

    I will be in Germany July 23rd until August 3rd visiting friends I used to work with. Maybe our paths will cross????

  2. i also enjoy reading both your blogs.. she is upbeat and sunshine and you are dry wit and sarcasm. they blend nicely and make a great read.. hope you are able to get along with marcus.. are you going to breed?! i have alot of baby stuff piling up in garage for you guys..hahaha just get thru marcus before you answer that..
    take care..

  3. Thanks guys. I meant my comment to be tongue-in-cheek. I was just poking fun at myself for not posting in a while.

  4. i know .. duh

  5. Hey, Jeffwa! Long time now read. Don’t know if you’ll remember me or not, but I used to go under the alias Lilly White from It’ Glad to see you’re still blogging even if it’s periodically. Always loved your blog posts. I agree with Keri about your sense of humour and how well you write. I’m on Twitter (which is how I found you and this great blog) if you want to catch up. I’m under

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