OK, we suck!

Clan McLennan are the worst bloggers ever!


I blame it on being in a developing country where internet and electricity were limited (woah is me), then moving to a new apartment, then going home to the US for my AWESOME Grandma Mary’s memorial (103 and 8 months (that’s how ya roll post-100)), and then returning to Amsterdam to still work on that bloody thesis I am supposed to be writing….while I am already graduating this week (hence the very little motivation to work on my thesis:-)).


So what is new? Well, we probably have about 10 blogs we need to post about our lives in the past 3-4 months……..but I am so behind that it will take a while.

What can I tell you in the mean time? Our apartment smells like peppermint! No, it WREAKS of peppermint. See, we have a little mouse problem. I like to call it a mouse problem, because I am in denial that Fievel’s entire family is living in my walls (though I know this is true). You know me, I LOVE animals. Hell, I don’t eat them cause I love them. So, when we moved into our new apartment and the first weekend late at night I saw a little mouse scurrying across the floor, I thought it was cute. And I laughed. Then the poop droppings came and did not stop. I am cool with wildlife invading homes. I figure we built on top on “nature” so why shouldn’t nature come inside?! But, when the presents show up daily and in many spots I start to think, hmmm….maybe some action is necessary.

We entertained the idea of bringing a kitty from home. Thunder is a killing machine, but he would soon kill us if stuck inside an apartment daily. Sheeba is still quite the mouser (or chipmunker given her last LIVE prize brought home), but she is going on 19 and as Dr. Darren tells me “she is too old to take overseas”. Now Keegan likes the great indoors, but he is also neurotic as all hell. Therefore, no go on bringing kitties from home.

Since kitty importation seemed out, we went the natural route (i.e., I googled “humane deterrents to mice”). Hence, the Peppermint oil that is now permeating our apartment. It has been sprayed on cotton swabs, towels, open holes and floorboards. Steel wool and towels now seal any obvious holes and a dusting of peppermint oil covers everything else. My sinuses also feel surprisingly open (side benefit I guess).


Will Fievel move upstairs? Or stick to the walls? I wonder. Will I see him again like this morning when my 7.30am wake-up obviously threw him off and he was trapped behind the entertainment center for 3 hours? We shall see. I will keep you posted.

In the mean time, know that no inhumane glue traps and/or snap traps will be used in this story. Nor Poison…cause I wouldn’t want my cats or any others sickened by eating a poisoned mouse. Despite my husband’s enthusiasm to buy one of these archaic devices.

For now, I will sit here and dream of Christmas trees, candy canes and coffee liberally doused with Peppermint Schnapps!


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