Please call me Master Staci!

It is official! I’ve received my Masters of Science in Environment and Resource Management with high merit. Yeah! It is over…Oh wait, I still need to finish writing my thesis. Just a minor detail.



But, I’ve officially graduated. The diploma is mine, as evidenced in the attached picture where I am signing it as is part of Dutch tradition. And no cap and gowns here in Holland…sad:-( But, it was still a lovely day with a roughly 3 hour ceremony to acknowledge the 27 students present who were graduating and the other 15 not present. This was followed by a Borrel (drinks) to celebrate, and then one last hurray at our student pub, GeoVUsie (80 euro cent drinks kept us quite happy this past year, but the price just went up for the students this year….90 euro cents….we got out just in time:-)). 13241321

The next evening Jeff and I hosted my classmates at our flat for a “Last Bash” and was it ever! 1294 1297 We were amazed how many people we could fit into our smaller apartment in the city. Originally we figured by midnight we’d all head out to a club for some dancing, but since people brought so much alcohol the party went on till after 2am.

A couple strange events occurred that evening. First, was Milena spilling wine on the floor which took the shape of a skull! 13091312We of course had to properly honor this with candles and many pictures. Then, perhaps the most bizarre happening of the evening…my husband, one Jeff McLennan, proceeded to PASS OUT just after midnight. 1318He did so on top of everyone’s coats in our bedroom. There was much discussion about sharpie markers, shaving cream, inappropriate pictures, but in the end we all just laughed at him. Oh, and rolled him over to get the coats!

Anywho, just after 2am when the alcohol was running dry we finally got the party to leave the apartment and head out for some much needed dancing. I proceeded to leave Jeff on the bed and went dancing with friends till the bar closed at 4am. Then it was falafel and home to bed with a few house guests sleeping over.

We woke the next morning to a trashed apartment. But those fabulous house guests pitched in with the clean-up….a good thing because the maid stopped by early, only spoke Dutch and was insistent on coming in to clean. I am trying to sign to her that we had a party, the place is trashed, and we would like to clean it up before she comes in to do her cleaning. Finally, Xander translated and the maid started her cleaning upstairs (which she usually does, but for some reason wanted to stop in our place first that day). I mean she literally knocked on our door about two seconds after I had told Anne, Daniel and Xander that we had about 2 hours to clean up before the maid would arrive. Doh!

Well four bags of garbage later, all surfaces had been sufficiently cleaned of empty and full beer cans, wine glasses, liquor bottles, and perhaps some recreational drugs legal in Amsterdam. Even today a day later, I discovered a beer can on a window ledge (outside) that we had missed yesterday. Though I had found the beer cans stuck down in the plants on the balcony! Anywho, to finish our party cleansing we did a quick mopping of the floor and then we all vacated the apartment for some much needed greasy breakfast consumption. It was a beautiful sunny day in Amsterdam so we walked around for a little while before coming back to a VERY CLEAN apartment (did I ever mention how nice a maid service is!?!) and RELAXATION!

Today, it is back to that bloody thesis! Hope to be done at the end of October. Must really force myself to leave the apartment for the library during the week or I will never finish!

(Click on any of the photos to see more pics. To view the entire Graduation and Party albums go to my Facebook page Staci Putney McLennan and click on albums!)


  1. Stephanie · ·

    Now…THAT”S a graduation party!!!! The wine skull – a little scary – but somehow works with the story =)

  2. Congrats Master Staci!!!! Your party sounds like a blast. When can we IM chat on facebook? Am dying do know more about your trip home and other gossip. Miss you bunches!!!!

  3. Gloria · ·

    Ya Girl!! Great job on the degree. Good luck on the thesis and props on partying like rock stars. 😉

  4. big sis · ·

    i can call you master p…

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