Umh, we live in Belgium now:-)

So nearly 5 months since our last post, a few things have happened. First, I FINALLY finished my thesis. Second, I got a job in Brussels working for an Animal Welfare NGO on Wildlife Policy. Third, we invaded Jon and Christine’s home for 3 months (THANK YOU!!). Fourth, we took a short trip home in early December to see family before starting a job where I do not have vacation for a year & more importantly to find Thundercleese, our kitty who went missing. Good news is Thunder made it home. Fifth, after what seemed like an endless apartment search for poor Jeff, we just moved into a new place in the city. Sixth, I finally received my Belgian Residence Permit and a bank account. Seventh, I am finally writing on our blog!!

We will work on being better about blogging. Here are some pics of the new place (during the move and after unpacking). It is a work in progress and most of the furniture is ala Jon and Christine (thank you again!). But the nesting will begin now. Visitors are officially welcome:-) Of course, you’ve always been welcome!



  1. Szymo · ·

    Apartment looks great – hopefully I can come stay this summer!!

  2. where will kieran be sleeping when she comes to live with you?

    the place is great.. i love the clean space feel of the kitchen… miss you…

  3. Mama Mimi · ·

    Wow! The apartment looks terrific! I can’t wait to move in! Oh yeah, I’m just coming for a visit, aren’t I ? Hmmmmm! Anyhow, I just love all the windows (of course I would)! I see Jeff finally got his “baby”. Wow, what did he have to do to get it anyhow? Just support you for a year? ha ha

    Enjoy it you two! Life goes by toooooooo quickly!

    Can’t wait to see you two.

    Love Yah!!!!!!

  4. Good to hear you guys finally settled in.

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