Ikea-where Saturdays go to die.

Having lived in “furnished” apartments till now, one fails to appreciate just how many of the “necessities” you don’t own till you walk into your new place and it is empty. Completely (Actually, here is not as bad as Amsterdam where they take the light fixtures off the ceilings and walls!). Anywho, having no furniture, or kitchen items, or extra bedding, etc. can be a bit problematic when you want to sit down to watch TV or eat:-) Hence, besides the fantastic loan center of “Jon & Christine’s Attic” we have made at least 3 trips to Ikea now. I think 4.

Yesterday, Jon & the family were nice enough to call us for a visit and ask if we had errands to run. Originally, I just planned to walk to some nearby shops, but instead we took advantage of this opportunity. Fast forward to a trip to an Appliance Outlet to look at washer/dryers (we’ve been able to go 2 weeks without doing laundry and still have fresh undies, which either means we have a lot of underwear or we aren’t wearing any…you can decide). Then we realized we better take measurements of the stairwell, elevator and utility closet before purchasing a machine that might end up sitting out in the back parking lot where we would just stare at it from our living room window.

Next we tried to find a non-existent home store on the south side of town, and when that did not pan out we headed to Ikea instead. 4 hours later we left Ikea!!! FOUR hours! Mind you we did eat when we first arrived. Jon and Jeff LOVE, and I mean LOVE, the meatballs there. Since the coke sucks, we had beers instead. Have I mentioned I love Ikea? Then the journey through the endless halls of Ikea began.

We started by going against the flow of traffic. I do not recommend this technique. It is dangerous. We only made it through the kids section and part of the storage area, before we took the short cut to the start. Much safer. Hours later, we had selected a shoe storage bench, a duvet and cover for guests (hint, hint!), tupperware, oven mit, and who knows what else-it’s all foggy now. By the time we left, the guys were ready to kill somebody. Marcus had one meltdown and then promptly fell asleep. I had to sign and speak garbled French and English to the cashier to take off the bowls which somehow ended up being 5 euro/each instead of 1.50. We were all drained. And the scariest part is that since unpacking things today, I realize we still need stuff from Ikea!! AAAhhhhhh!!!

The goal for next time – borrow the car so Jon doesn’t have to be tortured again. Only take Jeff for heavy lifting and so there is room to pull down the backseat and I can finally buy my full length mirror, instead of dressing in our elevator:-) Have a list and stick to it! Then maybe we won’t need to spend 4 hours there. And some day we might finally be settled.

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  1. Add me to the list of people who love Ikea meatballs. I go there under the pretense of looking for home furnishings but i go there for the meatballs.

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