Snipers on the roof

Till now I’ve only seen it in movies. Snipers on rooftops. Well, last week our organization had our bi-annual campaign meeting near Parliament. Streets were blocked off, police everywhere. Not for the animal rights groups attending our meeting, rather the heads of state for all the EU countries were in town. As we looked out the Scotland House window we watched men in black walk across the roof top carrying conspicuous bags till they reached their little tin “house”. Once inside they flipped down the small window and started to unzip their bags. Out came the guns. Propped up just like in the movies. Next came the binoculars and my coworkers teasing me to “Not point at the men with the guns!” There were quite a few on them on various rooftops around the area. I wasn’t expecting their permanent work stations in these little silver huts. It just seemed surreal. Guess that’s what you get when the heads of 27 European countries meet in one place.


  1. turbanhead · ·

    omg – no updates since march?

  2. Well, there were SNIPERS ON THE ROOF! 🙂

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