Body cleanse

So obviously Jeff and I suck at blogging, and perhaps self-improvement. His running lasted one week. It was admittedly fun to go out together. I was proud of him. Sure his sorry ass slowed me down (love u baby), but that’s what a couple does for each other. Haha! Ok, I was willing to give him a day or so to heal, but then he decided he wasn’t healed (or motivated) so I kept going…that is till I just got back from the States and fighting jet lag, no sleep and then a botched attempt to start a body cleanse program…and now I have not run for one week! Ok, ok, I am going tomorrow, swear it. Can’t have Jeff showing me up:-)

Now back to body cleanse…hmmm. I must wonder how this will work out in the end. It’s a two week supplement program. Bought a vegetarian version at Whole Foods while I was home. Then stupidly I took the first four pills yesterday with only a small biscuit in my belly. Umh, within an hour I was in my office bathroom yacking! Ugh!!!! I was good by late last night and ok today. Tonight I am taking like 12 supplements. I might be nuts. And I am not sure but I am drinking wine with it which may defeat the purpose. Hmmmm….box does not say anything about avoiding alcohol, though it says to limit physical activity. Course I still want to run tomorrow. Oh and did I mention there is a beer fest at Grand Place!?!? I may be actively self-destructive on this whole body cleanse thing.

Oh well, will let you know how it turns out. Must go finish my wine:-)

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  1. Your blog is humorous. I have a cousin that did a couch to 5k with his wife and just looks great and healthy. I am really ready to do something and walking is just all I think I can do right now besides some stuff on the Wii fit. I loved running and want to get back to that. Thanks for you blog. I am going to bookmark it. Maybe it will keep me motivated:)

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