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It Tastes Like Burning

If I don’t get it off my chest now, I’m afraid I may never have the chance. Here goes:

Trivia Time #2

I’ve been meaning to make these trivia posts more frequently, but I’m lazy and forgetful. (Did you notice I didn’t post at all in October? You should have. I mentioned it in November.) Anyways, for Trivia Time #2 we’re going to talk about fall weather, location and daylight. Fall Weather In the fall, it rains. […]

New Photo Album

Sorry about the delay, but a photo album of our new & improved apartment is now available. It’s not quite complete, but you’ll get the idea. Only thing we haven’t posted pics of is the bedroom, but that’s coming soon. No, they won’t be dirty pics, though they will feature a water bed. That’s right, […]

Trivia Time #1

For the first Trivia Time post, I thought it’d be good to cover some basic information about the area where we live. Amstelveen (pronounced Am-stel-vein) is a suburb to the south of Amsterdam. It is the international headquarters for Team McLennan, as well as professional services firm KPMG and communications technology giant Cisco Systems. It’s […]