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Please call me Master Staci!

It is official! I’ve received my Masters of Science in Environment and Resource Management with high merit. Yeah! It is over…Oh wait, I still need to finish writing my thesis. Just a minor detail. 1280 1277 But, I’ve officially graduated. The diploma is mine, as evidenced in the attached picture where I am signing it […]

A philosophy to live by!

My friend and former co-worker, Kristy, gave me a magnet when I left my job at the Ohio Environmental Council and prepared to embark on this journey across the ocean into the great unknown (ok, Amsterdam isn’t so unknown, but you get my point). This magnet now hangs on our refrigerator and serves as my […]

Christmas in the Netherlands

Ok, so this post is technically a month late, but hey I am working on my Masters and was a bit busy in the month of December!!! Cut a girl some slack! My Environmental and Energy Policy Tools course was wrapping up with an intensive group project on “Alternative Management Strategies for Mitigating the Human-Lion […]

Updating photos

As usual I am behind with everything. I have started adding photos to some previous posts when I didn’t know how to upload pictures. Jeff tries to keep me ignorant so he can hold his computer genius over me, but I will no longer be oppressed. I am woman hear me ROAR! Ok, so maybe […]

Pierogi making in Amsterdam: who would have thought it?

I know, I know, who would have thought I would need to travel all the way to Amsterdam to finally learn how to make pierogies from scratch!??! For those non-Polish people out there, pierogies are dough filled with potatoes, cheese, and onions (really any variety of fillings you could think of, but potato and cheese […]

Excursion to Volgermeer (part 2): a biking we will go

Well, now you know a little history about where we went on the excursion for school. Now for the details and a map to give you some perspective on just HOW MUCH PEOPLE BIKE HERE! If you read Jeff’s post about Amstelveen (the town we live in) you know we are about a 25-30 minute […]

Excursion to Volgermeer (part 1): a history lesson

So, for my second course in the ERM program, we did an excursion to a hazardous waste site north of Amsterdam that is currently being reclaimed. The site is called Volgermeerpolder. The city of Amsterdam began dumping waste here after the peat was harvested for burning at the turn of the century. Turns out household […]

Staci's impersonation of a Dutch girl on a bike

Well if you know anything about Amsterdam (or the Netherlands) it is probably that people love their bikes. In fact, bikes are everywhere! You should be more scared of bikes than cars when walking through the city. You might recall from a previous post by Jeff that I get to ride my bike to and […]

I Can Start Watching TV!

After 1 month in the new apartment, we finally have cable and an internet connection. This means no more trips to Brussels to get some work done, which is quite the stress relief for me. Having to travel just to get a stable internet connection isn’t exactly ideal. Now I only have to go to […]

Cable, Internet and Banking, Oh My!

This is part 3 of Team McLennan and the Journey to a New Land. If you’re just joining us, check out Part 1: This Isn’t Heaven, This Sucks and Part 2: Team McLennan Strikes Back. So at this point in the story, we’ve been in The Netherlands 5 days. In that time, we’ve moved into […]