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Body cleanse

So obviously Jeff and I suck at blogging, and perhaps self-improvement. His running lasted one week. It was admittedly fun to go out together. I was proud of him. Sure his sorry ass slowed me down (love u baby), but that’s what a couple does for each other. Haha! Ok, I was willing to give […]

Snipers on the roof

Till now I’ve only seen it in movies. Snipers on rooftops. Well, last week our organization had our bi-annual campaign meeting near Parliament. Streets were blocked off, police everywhere. Not for the animal rights groups attending our meeting, rather the heads of state for all the EU countries were in town. As we looked out […]

Ikea-where Saturdays go to die.

Having lived in “furnished” apartments till now, one fails to appreciate just how many of the “necessities” you don’t own till you walk into your new place and it is empty. Completely (Actually, here is not as bad as Amsterdam where they take the light fixtures off the ceilings and walls!). Anywho, having no furniture, […]

Umh, we live in Belgium now:-)

So nearly 5 months since our last post, a few things have happened. First, I FINALLY finished my thesis. Second, I got a job in Brussels working for an Animal Welfare NGO on Wildlife Policy. Third, we invaded Jon and Christine’s home for 3 months (THANK YOU!!). Fourth, we took a short trip home in […]

Please call me Master Staci!

It is official! I’ve received my Masters of Science in Environment and Resource Management with high merit. Yeah! It is over…Oh wait, I still need to finish writing my thesis. Just a minor detail. 1280 1277 But, I’ve officially graduated. The diploma is mine, as evidenced in the attached picture where I am signing it […]

OK, we suck!

Clan McLennan are the worst bloggers ever! 1269 I blame it on being in a developing country where internet and electricity were limited (woah is me), then moving to a new apartment, then going home to the US for my AWESOME Grandma Mary’s memorial (103 and 8 months (that’s how ya roll post-100)), and then […]

So It's Been a While…

I don’t know what else to say. Let’s face it, most people who read this blog are here to read Staci’s words, not my random ramblings. At least that’s how I see it. Anyways, we’ve (I’ve) moved out of the apartment in Amstelveen and am temporarily located in Belgium at Jon & CJ’s. I’ve got […]