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Finally in Cambodia

After many delays, we finally made it to Cambodia. Here is a quick summary of our attempt to leave Holland for Bangkok and then Phnom Penh. The original (if I can even use that term any more) departure date of Thursday fell through which I think we learned only half way through that day. Finally […]

It's Like We're Clark And Ellen Griswold

Ed. Note: The following post is very long and detailed. If you have a hard time reading, or get bored easily, or heard this in person, you may want to skip it. With the holidays behind us, and a couple of weeks to cool off, I can now write about our journey to (and from) […]

Who's Ruby?

In keeping up with our jet-setting ways, Staci & I headed out of the country again to catch a concert the night before the Ohio State/Michigan game. Turns out Amsterdam (and The Netherlands) is a pretty boring place. Ok, not really, but you’d think so with how often we seem to be doing fun stuff […]

Hey Kids, Look! Big Ben! Parliament!

The weekend of Nov 2-4, Jon, CJ, Staci & I went to London so I could get my passport stamped outside of the Schengen Zone so I could remain in The Netherlands (and the EU) as a legal visitor. I had to go outside of the EU because of the Schengen Agreement, which essentially removed […]