That means “hello” or so I think ๐Ÿ™‚ haha. We’ve learned only about 4 phrases: “aw kohn” รขโ‚ฌโ€œ “thank you”, “sak sobai” – “How are you?” (which also can be used to answer the same question,) “Sua s’dei” and “sohm” – “thank you”. Not terribly impressive, I know. ๐Ÿ™‚ So what sort of things can […]

After many delays, we finally made it to Cambodia. Here is a quick summary of our attempt to leave Holland for Bangkok and then Phnom Penh. The original (if I can even use that term any more) departure date of Thursday fell through which I think we learned only half way through that day. Finally […]

1251 Ah, so who thought doing field research for a masters thesis would be easy?!!? Well, it has been a lesson in patience and flexibility. As my previous posts foreshadowed, our trip to China was eventually canceled. More precisely, our supervisor pulled us from it when the project leads could not guarantee that we would […]

1246 Amsterdam has been doing its part to get me back in shape – I bike everywhere, but I was missing a really good sweat inducing workout. I mean there was a time when I ran a 5K no problem. Ran a number of them in fact. Even tossed in a 10K and a mini-triathlon […]

This is my new philosophy. Along with practicing patience. Lots of patience. So as many of you know, I was supposed to be going to China for my research project. The first date of departure was April 19th, then it was moved to May 7th, then May 13th, June 1st (you getting the picture?). Well, […]

My friend and former co-worker, Kristy, gave me a magnet when I left my job at the Ohio Environmental Council and prepared to embark on this journey across the ocean into the great unknown (ok, Amsterdam isn’t so unknown, but you get my point). This magnet now hangs on our refrigerator and serves as my […]

1241 At the start of 2008, I made a couple of simple yet powerful resolutions. I shared these with my college girlfriends on our blog, but recently realized I never brought my “enlightenment” to the Jeff & Staci blog viewers. My deepest apologies for not spreading the positivity:-) That is what I am embracing: A […]

Thought I would give some props to our cute little niece, Kieran, and nephew, Marcus. They are fun to watch grow up. Marcus, Jon and Christine’s son, turned a year in January and REALLY enjoyed his birthday cake (see pictures). Kieran, my sister’s girl, is growing like crazy….or so I see over email, webcam and […]

So, today I took my last Master’s exam. The course was on International Context in Environmental Policy. Wanna know about the Rio Declaration? UNFCCC? A little about water treaties? Well, don’t ask me cause I am done! Woohoo!! Actually, this was possibly my favorite course yet!!! Alas, it has come to an end. As has […]

I realize most of you will be quite shocked to learn that we have actually started cooking here in Europe. Yep, the Queen and King of Take Out now use their kitchen for something other than clutter, take out cartons and cat food stations (but oh how I miss the kitties, sigh!). We cook at […]